queen of pleasure

1:1 Signature Coaching Package


a vip sexual empowerment journey to UNleash your authentic sexuality

If you’re here, I can already tell the kind of woman you are:

You’re the kind of woman who wants sex that makes you feel FULL - in your body, mind & soul

You want to feel confident, radiant, alive - FREE in all of who you are, in all areas of your life

You want to get out of your head and into the moment so you can finally enjoy sex and connection

You want to feel like queen in the bedroom and experience mind-blowing pleasure

You want to create relationships that nourish you on the deepest levels - and feel true love

You want to ditch sexual shame and self-consciousness and feel empowered about who you are as sexual woman

You want to feel irresistible in your own skin and discover what really turns you on

You want to be able to tell your partner exactly what you want in bed with ease and confidence

You want to fully love yourself - inside and out - and become radiant and magnetic in everything you do

I’m here to tell you that everything you’re looking for is already inside of you.

You just need the map of how to uncover it.

That’s where I come in.

Does this sound like you?

  • You can’t communicate what you want in bed because you’re afraid of hurting other people’s feelings - or you don’t know what you like or desire in bed at all

  • You have religious conditioning that taught you sex is bad - and even if you know it’s not true, it’s impacting your sex life

  • You’ve had past heartbreaks, sexual experiences, or trauma that keep you from feeling safe fully expressing your sexuality

  • You can only climax in one way (or not at all) and it doesn’t feel entirely satisfying

  • You have secret desires or fantasies, and you feel super weird or guilty about them

  • You grew up in a family or society that ignored, shamed, or put sexuality into the shadows

  • You grew up having sex as a way to please others, but haven’t really thought about what it means for yourself

  • If you have a strong sexuality, you feel wrong, shameful, or slutty about it

  • You’ve never really talked about sex and have repressed it so much you’ve kinda given up on it

  • You’ve believed the societal story that sexual desire doesn’t last forever and you’ve let it die out in your relationship

  • You’re disconnected from this feeling of womanness and sexiness inside of you - and you crave to know that part of you

You might be scratching your head - wondering:

  • Why can’t I feel turned on?

  • Why do I feel so blocked from my own pleasure?

  • Why can’t I have the epic orgasms that other people seem to rave about? 

  • Why can’t I get out of my head or connect to my partner that way I really deeply WANT to? 

  • Why can’t I ask for what I want even when I know should?

There’s the part of you that yearns for something deeper.

Something more luscious, delicious, mind, body & soul shaking.


That’s where I come in.

In THIS 12 week one-on-one journey i’ll guide you and give you the tools to reclaim your greatest pleasure & confidence

During our work together you’ll learn how to:

  • Feel celebratory, alive, & free in your body and sexuality

  • How to listen to your body and discover your true wants and desires when it comes to sex

  • Use practical tools for self pleasure to awaken the sexual goddess inside of you

  • Develop awareness of your sexual blockages so that if they come up - you know how to handle them like a pro

  • Deeply honor & love yourself - as who you really are

  • Authentically express every part of you - sexually, in relationships, and in your work

  • Release fears or worries that keep you from deeply connecting in your dating or romantic relationships

  • Heal sexual blockages that are holding you back & come back to wholeness in yourself and your sexuality

  • Communicate your needs in an empowering way that serves everyone involved

How is this different from therapy? How does it work?

This coaching is different because it is an experience first approach.

Meaning: we don’t just talk about these things, we get you to actually feel them, live them, practice them, and make them your new reality.

Unlike other types of therapy that only work on the mind, we’ll go through a unique and leading-edge experience where we work towards your desires, discover your blockages, and then go through LIVE practices + give you homeplays (guided practices to do at home) to help you transform and return you to your natural wholeness and confidence.

You can think of this as your own personalized, action packed, sexual empowerment and orgasmic toolkit.

Practices include things like:

  • Breathwork for reawakening and clearing the way for sexual energy to flow through your body

  • Mirror work to up your self confidence & help you feel true love for your body

  • Sex Magic to call in the relationship of your dreams

  • Personalized holistic self pleasure practices that help you break out of your patterns for only orgasming in one specific way

  • Sounding practices to reclaim your authentic sexual expression

  • Emotional release practices to transmute shame, fear, disgust that is lingering in your subconscious & keeping you from feeling amazing

  • Dearmoring for releasing past bad sexual experiences from your body

  • Meditations for coming back into sexual wholeness

On this journey we’ll..



Create a new empowered definition of what it means to be a sexual woman, and leave sexual shame and repression behind


clear your sexual blockages

Most women experience sexual blockages because of the harmful messages we’ve gotten from society and our past sexual experiences. I’ll hold you in a safe container to heal these blockages so that you can move forward towards your pleasure.


celebrate and explore YOUR PLEASURE

I’ll send you personalized, guided audio practices that help you discover your sexuality so that you don’t just talk about your pleasure - you experience it in your own body



In your career, relationships, friendships, self-confidence and body love - most women experience a shift in how they show up in the world when they start to harness their sexual power and energy.



free discovery call

After you send in your application and if it feels like a fit, we’ll get on a free discovery call to see if coaching is a match for you. My #1 priority is providing you with what’s most in alignment and suited to your personal journey. This is a no-pressure call, and many women discover insights and experience breakthroughs even within this call.

10 90-minute 1:1 virtual coaching sessions

Each session we’ll focus on your desires for your sexuality, move through anything that’s holding you back, and I’ll guide you through live practices that you can use to expand your pleasure.

TRansformational SExuality practices

I’ll send you personalized practices - including visualizations, meditations, breath practices or self-pleasure practices that you do between our sessions to supercharge your transformative process. These practices are simple, straightforward, and are available for you to access and use forever.

Email + Voice message support in between sessions

I want you to be as supported as possible all around in this experience. That means if anything comes up for you in between sessions, I’m here for you.

Here’s the truth babe..

For far too long, we have been separated, denied, and punished for the beauty of our pleasure and the strength of our TRUE power as women.

It’s time to change this story and to say YES to claiming the innocence, goodness, & abundant pleasure that is waiting inside of you.

I know in the depths of my soul, that this can be the way for any woman who is willing to show up.

If there’s a voice inside of you that’s scared, or feels like this is ridiculous or impossible for you…

I just wanna say Hey. Hi. That voice is welcome here too.

And - I know that if you're here, there’s a part of you that’s ready for this journey.

Don’t question. Don’t hesitate any longer.

Life is too short not to feel the full power of who you really are.

All you have to do, is listen - and say yes.

Witness the transformation


“I felt seen and heard. There was rapport. I felt safe, I felt you were constantly holding the space. I felt I was able to pronounce myself and be taken seriously. The coaching sessions felt "warm". The exercises we did are still helping and supportive. I still do them. This way they are really transformative. Your warm personality created peace in the sessions.”

- M.V.

“I loved the genuine presence, care, and active listening that you had throughout - I always felt safe and like I was allowed to be myself, speak freely about sexual pleasure, and take up space. I also really appreciated that you sent notes after each session and guided me in making daily practices which deepened the results and work from the sessions.”

- S.N.

Ann helped me to reach deep within myself and gain a deeper understanding about what my blocks are, where they came from, and what purpose they've been trying to achieve. I have a greater understanding regarding my blocks, as well as how to begin shifting them. The visualizations/meditative exercises we did were very beneficial… You were amazing!!!

- S.M.

“I found your tone and calm presence immediately accessible. .. For having just met you, and not even in person, I felt very comfortable and free to dive in deeply... It felt genuine, which is something that coaches/healers have not always been able to relay back to me quite so effectively, creating a division of strictly a "Coach - Student" dynamic as opposed to a co-creative healing container.”

- Lejla Hodzic


What’s the investment? Do you have payment plans?

The investment for coaching is $3750 USD. I do a 5 month payment plan which equals $750 / month.

I don’t live near you. Can I still receive coaching or is this in person?

All of my coaching is done via video calls through a software called Zoom. This means I can coach you from anywhere in the world!

How do I know if this is right for me?

This work is best for a woman who’s ready to make real change in her life, to show up fully, to take responsibility for her life and her results.

It is not for you if you aren’t ready to change, or you’re looking for a quick fix. The work we do is deeply transformational, will get to the root of your blockages, and will stay with you long after our work together.

If you’re ready to say yes and a part of you brought you here - the best way to find out is to fill out an application and schedule a call with me. I only accept those who I feel will genuinely benefit from this work, and if it’s not a fit I’ll work with you to find the right resources for you and where you currently are.

How will I know if this will work for me?

I believe that the quality of showing up for yourself and being dedicated is the biggest marker for success. If you’re ready to do that, you’re in a good place.

How much time will the practices take?

It really depends! Practices are anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes long, depending on the specific thing that we’re addressing, and ideally should be practiced 3 - 5 times a week. As always, the more practice you do, the more benefit and transformation you’ll see.