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my sexual empowerment journey

sex wasn’t always easy for me

In fact, I would say quite the opposite. For the first 26 years of my life, I felt broken and unfixable when it came to sex and relationships.

From then: 3 years ago, fresh out of a break up that inspired my empowerment journey

From then: 3 years ago, fresh out of a break up that inspired my empowerment journey

To now

To now

Like most of us, I grew up in a family and culture that didn’t talk about sex. And like most of us, I grew up with a media and society that shamed and blamed women for their bodies and their radiance.

I started my life witnessing domestic abuse in my household, and never felt safe around men since then.

In high school, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship that lasted for 3 years, where I disconnected and checked out of my body during sex.

For most of my life, I had sex for approval. I had sex because I wanted to make my boyfriends happy or I wanted a guy to like me.

A lot of times when I had sex I was either wasted, didn’t remember it, or I felt highly dissatisfied, insecure, and secretly ashamed about it afterwards.

It didn’t even occur to me that sex could be for my pleasure until my early 20s.

I would ask my friends - how do you have a g-spot orgasm? How do you have good sex?

Though their advice came from a good place, their answers always left me feeling like somehow everyone else in the world “got it” and I was the only one inherently broken inside.

When I was 22 I got into a relationship with a good guy. I started to explore my pleasure and get more comfortable with sex. I was still performing, I still experienced pain during sex, still put his pleasure first, but I thought that was normal.

As our relationship went on, the traumas from my past controlled how I showed up. I felt constantly anxious and stressed about out relationship. I overgave and ignored all of my own needs.

I’d switch from chasing his love and approval to creating fights and paranoia to push him away.

Inside, I felt broken - not good enough, unlovable. I was sure he’d leave me or cheat on me - because “that’s what all men did”.

When our relationship ended, I finally sought out professional help. For a year and a half, I worked with Rachael Maddox, an incredible coach who helped me learn about trauma - and the effects that our past lives and experiences have on our current lives.

In that year and a half, I showed up for myself. I dedicated every part of my being to my healing and growth.

Me at a trauma healing retreat, on my journey to rediscovery of healthy love & sex

Me at a trauma healing retreat, on my journey to rediscovery of healthy love & sex

I blossomed. I healed. I started to believe that healthy love and incredible sex could be for me.

After that, I sought out ways to feel more alive and orgasmic in my sexual experiences. I found my teacher, Layla Martin, and started doing tantric embodiment practices.

I learned how to self-pleasure with intention, and use my sexual energy and turn on to empower my life.

As soon as I started doing the practices, I felt what it was like to live self-love and confidence for the first time in my life. I started to attract higher quality men into my space.

I felt brilliant and radiant inside. I could feel how the world reacted to me differently from this space - and my world shifted completely around me.

I met my current boyfriend - the type of man I’d dreamed of but didn’t really think existed. I found the power to go after my dreams - I signed up for my sex coaching training - and went on an intensive, deep dive into doing daily tantric practices and meditations.

Fully embracing my orgasmic nature, at our sex, love, and relationship coaching retreat

Fully embracing my orgasmic nature, at our sex, love, and relationship coaching retreat

I learned that my sexuality and my pleasure was my power. That it was inside of me all along that that it’ll always be an essential part of me as a thriving woman.

I became orgasmic. Like - not even touching myself, 5-minute full body energy orgasms that made me feel like I touched the universe - orgasmic.

I dove deeper into love - and learned how to be with someone as a true partner - and experience love and intimacy far greater than I ever imagined possible.

And now, that energy brings me here. I am overflowing. Bursting at the seams. Embodied in this wisdom so that now, I can show it to you.

Epic love and ecstatic orgasms can be your reality. I know this in the depths of my soul

If you’ve ever been burned by a relationship, if you’re feeling exhausted in dating, if you’re feeling “meh” or even completely disconnected, afraid, or ashamed of love and or sex - I want you to know:

you are worthy

you deserve it

it is possible for you

If a woman like me can come from where I did and do this, you can too.



Born and raised in California as a first generation Vietnamese American woman, Ann has lived her whole life following two main things: her curiosity and her urge to question everything with "but why?".

These curiosities and questions have led her down a dynamic path from graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience & Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara, to working in data and HR at Google, to working with top YouTube creators to grow their brands and businesses on YouTube as a Strategic Partner Manager.

She’s a trained coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification. Most recently, she's training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as a sexual empowerment and love coach. Her work is in service to changing the way that women relate to their pleasure and rewriting the narrative of sexuality in our modern times. Through her coaching and her upcoming programs, she reconnects women to the power of their sexuality and facilitates deep transformation for sexual reclamation.