you were born for orgasmic living and empowered pleasure

I’m here to help show you the way


Sexual Empowerment coaching

I help you get out of your head and into feeling like a queen in the bedroom

My transformational coaching helps you feel radiant and confident in your sexuality so you can enjoy ALL the pleasure you deserve.

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Hi, I’m Ann.

I believe in 2 things above all else:

Every woman is worthy and capable of a life of orgasm and pleasure

A woman’s sexuality is her greatest superpower

It’s my life’s passion to guide and teach women the tools and practices for their orgasmic and sexual reclamation.



“I felt seen and heard. There was rapport. I felt safe, I felt you were constantly holding the space. I felt I was able to pronounce myself and be taken seriously. The coaching sessions felt "warm". The exercises we did are still helping and supportive. I still do them. This way they are really transformative. Your warm personality created peace in the sessions.”

- M.V.

“I loved the genuine presence, care, and active listening that you had throughout - I always felt safe and like I was allowed to be myself, speak freely about sexual pleasure, and take up space. I also really appreciated that you sent notes after each session and guided me in making daily practices which deepened the results and work from the sessions.”

- S.N.