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A 16 week group journey to awaken and empower your most juicy, confident, & turned on self

BABYGIRL, It’s time…

to say yes to the sex and love life of your dreams

To awaken that inner woman you KNOW exists deep down inside of you… 

The one who fully owns her sexual power

The one who shows up confidently in the bedroom and in the world

The one who surrenders her full body, mind, and soul to pleasure

The one who knows exactly what she wants in bed and has no problem asking for what she needs

The one who’s tapped into her limitless sexual energy, and has full bodied, life-changing orgasms

The one who knows her yeses and her no’s, and isn’t afraid to put herself first

The one who knows her value and her worth - in sex, in love, career, and beyond

The one who plays by her own rules and says a big F you to the limitations society has put on her voice and expression

The one who’s tender, loving, warm, and powerful - all at the same time


The sensualist

The hedonist 

The badass bitch 

The fully open-hearted love queen 

The courageous leader and lover 

The confident and radiant goddess inside of you

And she’s ready to come all the way ALIVE.

You only have to learn how to turn her on


Maybe you grew up in a family or society that ignored, shamed, or put sexuality into the shadows

And maybe you’ve been spending your sex and love life 

Biting your tongue 

Hiding from your deepest desires 

Not knowing how to turn yourself all the way on 

Trying hard to please others and having sex out of duty 

Putting everyone else’s needs and feelings before yours

Or feeling afraid or ashamed of the inner fire you know is inside of you.. 

You might be scratching your head - wondering:

Why can’t I feel turned on?

 Why can’t I have the epic orgasms that other people seem to rave about? 

Why can’t I get out of my head or connect to my partner that way I really deeply WANT to? 

Why can’t I ask for what I want even when I know should?

There’s the part of you that yearns for something deeper.

Something more luscious, delicious, mind, body & soul shaking.

You know there’s SOMETHING more to this sex and love thing And you’re hungry to experience it for yourself - once and for all

Then baby, have I got something for you ;)

The School of Superpleasure is a 16-week initiation journey to awaken your most juicy, confident, turned on self

Through powerful content, deep coaching, connected sisterhood, self-pleasure and embodied sexuality practices, you’ll learn how to…

  • Awaken the sexual goddess inside of you

  • Embody your highest confidence in AND out of the bedroom 

  • Ignite your inner sexual fire 

  • Have sex that feels fun and free 

  • Meet your inner self pleasure Queen 

  • Discover your turn ons and desires and become your own best lover

  • Release sexual blockages or imprints from past experiences and make room for your healthiest, sexiest aliveness to emerge 

  • Enter into full body orgasms and experience pleasure like never before

  • Communicate your needs and desires and share your truth in a way that empowers and enhances your sex life with any partner

  • Tap into the well of your infinite sexual energy

  • Create relationships that thrive on truth, intimacy, connection, and deep, life-giving sex

  • Discover the power of your inner wild woman - untamed - and ready to take on the world in her full power

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Orgasmic equality enthusiast. Pleasure extraordinaire. Vietnamese-American First Generation Badass & Breaker of Ancestral Trauma Chains. I’m a WOC Boss and of course - Sex Coach Maven.

For most of my life, one word describes how I felt when it came to all things sex and love: broken

I started out my life growing up in a household where I witnessed violence and domestic abuse and unknowingly, that left a big imprint on me about men, love, relationships, safety, and my own sense of worth and needs

As a result, I went through a cycle of going through emotionally abusive or unhealthy relationships, using sex as a way to please my partners or to keep us together, and ending in heartbreak.

After years and years of this cycle.. I felt like I’d hit rock bottom. I was genuinely afraid that this was how I was doomed to be for the rest of my life. Deep down, I knew if I was going to ever find true, healthy love, and experience the kind of sex I was craving, something had to give. 

And that something was me. 

My hunger to rid myself of this pain and taste the ecstasy I somehow knew was possible in life led me on a journey into myself, my soul, and most importantly… into my pussy. 

I started off working with my coach, friend and mentor, Rachael Maddox on healing my past trauma and unhealthy relationship patterns.

After that, I sought out ways to feel more alive and orgasmic in my sexual experiences. I started studying at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as a VITA™️ Sex and Love Coach, and started doing daily tantric embodiment practices.

I learned how to self-pleasure with intention, and use my sexual energy and turn on to empower my life.

I learned that my sexuality and my pleasure is my power. That it was inside of me all along that that it’ll always be an essential part of me as a thriving woman.

I went from constantly worrying about my body and if I was good enough to living daily from a place of true self-love and confidence. 

I went from attracting terrible dating partnersto seeing my value and worth and consistently attracting high quality men into my life. 

I went from only orgasming clitorally from one specific stroke to becoming multi-orgasmic, and even having 5-minute long energy orgasms that made me feel like I’d just merged with the universe (for real). 

And.. I dove deeper into love than ever before. I shed so many of my anxious, self-sabotaging patterns and learned how to create safe, healthy, and life-changing love. 

I learned how to be an evolutionary partner and experience love and intimacy far greater than I ever imagined possible. 

And what I realized along the way is this: 



There are real, practical, learnable tools that can bring this aliveness, this radiance, and this freedom to anyone who’s willing to go on this journey. 

I created this program because

I believe a world full of women who claim their full power and magnificence is what we need to continue smashing the glass ceilings - in work, family, friendships, business, and of course - sex and love.  

Because turned on, embodied women break the patterns of ancestral and generational trauma.. And pass on a new model of feminine power to our future generations 

I created it because I’m tired of the story that sex isn’t for women and that all we’re here to do is to serve and please men and depend on their approval for survival


You came here for a reason. Because I know you want this too. Let’s go on this journey together. 

You ready, babe?


Here’s What’s included



You can think of this as the empowerment and sex education you wish your mom, parents, aunt, 7th grade science teacher, etc. would have given you from the start. These highly informative lectures will teach you the truth about your body and your sexuality, and how to awaken it in a way that’s healthy, sustainable, and oh-so-juicy. Don’t be surprised if your entire view on life, pleasure, love and sex changes as a result.



Each week, you’ll get guided audio practices for you to do at home. This program isn’t about learning on a mental level - it’s about engaging fully in practices so that you can FEEL for yourself what it’s like to unlock your sexual energy, expand your orgasmic potential, hold yourself in sexual healing, and so much more. I care much more about your EMBODIMENT of this work than I do you listening to my words.



Each week, you’ll get expert coaching, guidance, support and a fuckton of love from me - your coach! During these coaching sessions, you’ll be able to share your wins, what’s challenging, and any questions that you have. You’ll get: 

  • Weekly live group coaching calls 

  • Bi-weekly live guided practices 

  • Two 1-hour 1:1 coaching sessions with me



Go on this journey alongside other soulful, badass, and sexually blooming women just like you. This sisterhood won’t be just for sharing and supporting each other on this journey (which we’ll definitely do!) but it’ll also be the playground where you get to practice your full self expression. 

This sisterhood will not only enhance your life and your experience - but being in it will also change how you start to show up in your other relationships in your life. 


Here’s a peek of what’s inside


the beta babe journey - August 2019 - january 2020

In this special first round of The School of Superpleasure, we’re doing things a little differently. As a beta babe and the first cohort of this program, we’re going to be working together to solidify what we do together.

What does that mean?

That means we get to be co-creators. All of the topics below are the big picture guide for us, and there will be flexibility in the program - meaning I’m gonna gauge the energy of the group, get real feedback from you, and tailor the practices and topics based on what’s most needed for you all.

This means you get:

  • All 16 weeks of lesson and coaching. All of the guided audios, sisterhood and the 1:1 sessions with me - and me showing up 100% as your biggest advocate and coach

  • A more personalized and tailored program to your needs

  • To be part of creating a legacy for future sisters who take the program

  • Lifetime updates to the program - meaning - as long as the program is live, you get the updated content for the next rounds + lifetime access to our community

  • Special pricing at 50% off that’s limited to this round only

Bonus pre-modules: 

Essentials of Sexual Transformation 

Learn the foundational elements of sexual awakening and tips on how to make the most out of this journey 

Pleasure Goddess Living Essentials 

Your every day woman-power toolkit. Practical, daily tools and rituals to live from pleasure, power, and confidence.


In this module, we’ll learn how to create radical self love inside of your system. Love is the foundation of all potent transformation and amazing sex. We’re not just talking about self-love here, or double tapping on inspiring quotes on Insta - but really embodying, living and feeling self-love so that it becomes the baseline of your state of being 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to embody and live self-love so that it becomes the baseline of your state of being 

  • End the war of fighting against / constantly wanting to fix yourself 

  • How self love impacts sex, love, and relationships 

  • How to unconditionally love your sexuality

  • How to approach your body with love, and use that love to fuel your body with pleasure


In this module, you’ll learn to develop a connection with the most profound and powerful part of you as a woman - your pussy. By getting to know this part of you, you’ll learn: 

  • Expand your beliefs about your orgasmic possibilities and bust any limits of your pleasure potential

  • Learn the truth about how you were made for pleasure

  • Release any shame around your pussy, get comfortable, and fall in love with her

  • Celebrate the core of who you are as a sexual woman 

  • Learn how to listen to your own deep inner wisdom and authority & trust yourself

  • Learn all of the different erogenous areas and expand your orgasmic range to your whole body 


Once you have the foundation of self love and a new relationship to your physical sexuality - you’ll heading to the realm of the mental. In this phase, we’ll rewrite your sexual story and your definition of what it is to be a sexual woman. We’ll:

  • Release shame and limiting beliefs about your sexuality

  • Create a definition of sexuality that is authentic, empowering, and true to you - that supports you in creating your most thriving sex life

  • Learn the 5 Essential Stages of Sexual Development and initiate you into true sexual wholeness 

  • Reclaim lost parts of your sexuality 


If you’ve ever felt blocked in your sexuality, but don’t know the reason why - this module will help to uncover those blockages and free them from your mind and body so that you can move forward in your sexual empowerment journey. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to heal numbness and pain or discomfort that’s in your pussy, and resensitize those areas in a container of deep safety

  • How to release past experiences / traumas from your body

  • Resensitize and expand your orgasmic geography and potential (sensitize yourself to feel g-spot, a-spot, cervical orgasms + more)

  • Experience sexual freedom and release of old stories 


In this module, you’ll learn how to have full body, life changing orgasms. You’ll learn how to skyrocket your orgasmic experience, orgasm from different places in your body and become your own best lover. I’ll be teaching you the art of truly sensational sex. You’ll do rituals to activate all 5 senses inside of you to have electrifying sex and self pleasure. 

You’ll also 

  • Learn how to get out of your head and surrender into the moment

  • Create new ways of orgasming

  • Learn how to work with your sexual energy and expand your orgasmic capacity

  • Learn how to use orgasm as fuel and store sexual energy in the body for later use

  • De-condition dependency on others for your pleasure 

  • Discover your turn ons and accelerators in sex so that you can communicate what you want in bed 


In this module, we’re diving into the realms of wildness and powerful self expression. These two qualities create a sense of liberation from societal conditioning, a reclaiming of your power, and the freedom to fully express all parts of who you are. Developing these qualities will help you feel more empowered in your day to day, to be more emotionally healthy, and like a total sexual badass.

  • Let go, let loose, and be totally free in the bedroom!

  • Surrender control to go into deep states of orgasm 

  • Become a master of your emotions and use them as fuel instead of them using you 

  • Feel safety in showing and expressing all parts of you - which open you up to deep intimacy and pleasure 

  • Strengthen your inner fire and power - the badass, powerful bitch inside of you 

  • Learn how to become strong in your boundaries and your yeses and nos 


Whether it’s experiencing different types of orgasms, creating the relationship of your dreams, or finally getting the courage to go after what you want in your career - this module will teach you how to uncover anything that might be holding you back and empower you to make the decisions that help you create the life of your dreams. You’ll learn the art of desire - and why it’s so powerful in creating the life of your dreams. You’ll also learn how to use your sexual energy for creation and manifestation - using one of my favorite tools - sex magic! 

  • Learn how to get intimate with your desires and use them to move you forward in life 

  • Feel worthy and deserving of your desires 

  • How to use your sexual energy for creation and manifestation 


In this module, you’ll learn about conscious relationships, getting real with what you want, and going after soulmate love. You’ll learn to date and love from a foundation of self love and pleasure. This module is about owning your side of the relationship and taking care of yourself in dating / relationship in order to unlock your own magnetism, stop projecting onto dating or relationship partners, and create the relationships that you truly desire

  • Create relationships based on mutual evolution, intimacy, truth, and lots of fun and pleasure 

  • Date from a place of confidence and self-pleasure and call in high quality partners 

  • Feel empowered to ask for what you need and want in your relationships. 

  • Lean how to stay in your own power in relationships and hold a powerful container for your partner (Embodying the Initiatress)

  • Break the cycle of man-hating and emasculation

  • Redefine relationship to serve the highest version of yourself and your partners 


  • Learn how to ask for what you want in loving and empowered ways

  • Learn models and foundations of healthy communication

  • How to deal with difficult or uncomfortable conversations 

  • Guided intimacy practices to do with a partner to deepen your relationship

  • How to ask for what you want in bed and in the moment clearly

Here’s what your fellow babes in slay have to say about this juicy container:


"I loved the genuine presence, care, and active listening that you had throughout - I always felt safe and like I was allowed to be myself, speak freely about sexual pleasure, and take up space. I also really appreciated that you sent notes after each session and guided me in making daily practices which deepened the results and work from the sessions.”
- S.N.

"Ann helped me to reach deep within myself and gain a deeper understanding about what my blocks are, where they came from, and what purpose they've been trying to achieve. I have a greater understanding regarding my blocks, as well as how to begin shifting them. The visualizations/meditative exercises we did were very beneficial… You were amazing!!"
- S.M.

“I felt seen and heard. There was rapport. I felt safe, I felt you were constantly holding the space. I felt I was able to pronounce myself and be taken seriously. The coaching sessions felt "warm". The exercises we did are still helping and supportive. I still do them. This way they are really transformative. Your warm personality created peace in the sessions.”
- M.V.

"I love Ann so much. She is such a radiant, confident, and inspirational coach. Throughout our months of working together, I really learned, on quite a visceral level, that my pleasure doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way, but that when I truly allow myself to slow down and drop in, I can connect so much more deeply to the pleasure and the wholeness that already exists with me."
- H.K.

Are you ready to be next? ;) 

Here’s how we’ll know if this is a yummy fit: 

  • You’re ready to say a big YES to your pleasure, your needs, your desires, and your own shameless self confidence

  • You have an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to go out of your comfort zone

  • You’re ready to dive into real practices and not just consume information on a mental level - but put yourself in the playground of pleasure and see what happens 

  • You’re an ally and advocate for women of color (this is a WOC safe space and zone)

  • Even if the thought of sisterhood scares you or you have wounds there, you’re ready and open to support and be supported by the other women on this journey with you 

  • You understand that the results you’ll get will be a reflection of how much you show up and engage and you’re ready to take responsibility for yourself and your experience in this program - with all of the yummy support included, of course :) 

Still have questions? I’ve got you babe.


What kind of practices will we be doing? How long do they take? 

Practices will range from 10 - 30 minutes, 5 times a week. In order to create real, long lasting change in your system, repetition and experience are key. 

This is an experiential first program. I care much more about you living and feeling this work in your bones and in your soul than I do you listening to the words that I say ;) 

Examples of practices include: 

  • Meditation

  • Conscious self-pleasure

  • 5-senses orgasmic bliss rituals

  • Pussy activating breathwork and 

  • Mirror dance parties for self-love and body-love

No prior experience with these practices are needed. I’ll have demo videos and guided audios to help you every step of the way. 

How big will the group be? 

I limit this container to 6 people max to ensure that you get the proper level of intimacy, care, and connection with me and the other participants in the program.

I’m scared to do this in a group. It feels edgy. 

One of my mentors said it best: “Shame happens in isolation”. So many of our worries about our sex and love lives feel magnified because we tell ourselves we must be the only ones experiencing it. Discovering this as a group will not only help you shed that shame - but also get so much additional support and love that’s needed for lasting transformation to occur. 

In addition, so many of our wounds around sexuality have to do with other women. Our sexual identity is tied to who we are as a woman and our relationships with other women. Doing this work with a group of women who are loving, accepting, supportive, and empowering will vastly change how you’re able to take this work into your day to day life. 

Through our group calls, you’ll likely also learn so much more because some people might ask questions you haven’t thought of! 

I’m afraid I won’t have enough time or I’ll be traveling during some of the dates.

If you’re traveling - no problem! You’ll have access to this course and all subsequent updates for forever. You’ll also have the two 1:1 sessions with me to catch up and get supported on anything that you miss. 

In life, I believe that we make time for what’s important to us. Making time for these practices will change the way your relate to sex, life, love, and yourself for the rest of your life. It’s worth the investment of your time to create this change for yourself.

What materials will I need for the program? 

  • Glass dildo 

  • Skin friendly oil (jojoba, almond, coconut)

That’s it! 

I’ve experienced sexual trauma. Will this course be safe for me to take? 

Though I’m not a trauma specialist, my experiences and my training are trauma informed and aware. This work is safe if you’ve done some work with a professional around your trauma before. 

If you’ve experienced acute sexual trauma in your past, I recommend seeing a trauma specialist who practices somatic experiencing and/or TRE. If you’re not sure where you are on this, just let me know the details in your application form and we can discuss it on our call. 

The most important thing to me is that you get the care that you need.


Orgasms aren’t some kind of mystery that have to live in a black box. 

You came to this page for a reason.

I want you to know, above all else: 



This is an invitation to go on a journey, with the map, tools, and guide by your side, supporting you all the way.. 

Now all you have to do is follow that little nudge inside of you that brought you here